First, forget the term “Restaurant Carry” because the bill, S.308 that was signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley on February 11, 2014, does not mention the word “restaurant.” It allows Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) holders to carry a handgun concealed into any business licensed to serve alcohol beverages for on premise consumption.

Secondly, a CWP holder carrying concealed into a business licensed to serve alcohol may not consume alcoholic beverages while in the business.

Next, the owner or manager of a business licensed to serve alcohol may post a “proper” sign in accordance with South Carolina law, Sec. 23-31-235 to prohibit people from bringing firearms into the business. The owner or manager may ask a person carrying a firearm into the business to leave the business or business premises or to remove the firearm from the business or business premises. Failure to comply with the owner’s or manager’s request may result in being charged with a misdemeanor and upon conviction be fined not more than $200 or jailed for not more than 30 days.

Then, a portion of the new law has to do with transporting a handgun in a vehicle; in South Carolina any law abiding citizen, eighteen years old or older, may store a loaded handgun where it is secured in a closed glove compartment, closed console, closed trunk, or behind the rear most seat designed by the manufacture to transport luggage. Note: School property exception. Under the new law, S.308, CWP holders only may store their handgun under the seat or “…in any open or closed storage compartment within the vehicle’s passenger compartment; or”

Lastly, the new law extends the life of the permit to five years. All new and renewal applications received after February the 11th will be for a five year period. The cost of the permit will remain $50.

There are several other items in the new law dealing with training requirements that I will address in another posting.

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