Foothills Firearms Training Center’s Pistol Range provides students, former students, and immediate family a place to hone their self-defense shooting and drawing skills through the use of Action Target® reactive steel targets.

The ability to win in a violent encounter will depend on your preparation, training, and mindset. While training on static targets is good to develop shooting skills only tactical training will develop your fighting skills. Foothills Firearms Training Center encourages their students to develop their fighting skills by giving them free range time and personal instruction in gunfighting techniques.

Our range is open the first Saturday of each month from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM and every Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM.  Call/text (864) 423-5626; e-mail, at least the day before coming to the range.

Shooters may furnish their own guns and safety equipment or they may use guns and safety equipment at the range. No guns or ammo are stored at the range so you must call/text or e-mail ahead to arrange gun use: (864) 423-5626 or No guns larger than 45 long Colt will be permitted.

Personal guns and ammo will be checked to make sure they meet reasonable safety standards. Shooters will be required to demonstrate safe gun handling techniques and knowledge of gun safety rules prior to using the range.

Shooters, do  NOT bring loaded guns to the range which you intend to use on the range. CWP holders may have their concealed weapons on them but will not use them on the range unless they are unloaded prior to arriving at the range. An ammo point will be available to load magazines and speed loaders.

Guns will only be loaded on the firing line and will be shown “Clear” and holstered/benched before leaving the firing line. All firearms will be benched, cased, or holstered with slide locked to the rear and magazines out when moving about the range. Benched guns will have muzzle pointed down range with the ejection port/open cylinder facing up.

Only strong side holsters which covers the trigger will be permitted-no cross draw, SOB, or other types of holsters which allow the muzzle to be pointed anywhere but down range when drawn.


We have a variety of static (paper/cardboard) targets for sale for $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. You are welcome to bring your own targets; a sheet of typing/copy paper makes excellent targets.

We do not sell ammo at the range.

Due to safety concerns the range will close during bad weather and when temperatures fall below 50 degrees; you can call (864) 423-5626.

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