Mary’s House – Helps victims of domestic violence in Pickens County:

Safe Harbor – helps victims of domestic violence in Greenville, Pickens, Oconee, and
Anderson counties:
(800) 291-2139

National Rifle Association of America
NRA Programs
(800) 672-3888

The Cornered Cat

The Well Armed Woman

South Carolina Gun Law

Other Training Sources

Foothills Firearms Training Center
Advanced Concealed Weapons Course
(864) 630-1883

Local IDPA Clubs:

  • Greenville: Ron Griffin 859-3925
  • Anderson: Skip Gilmer 244-6739
  • Spartanburg: Eddie Wagner 574-6671

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)

Reading Materials

  • The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry, Kathy Jackson
  • Winning A High-Speed, Close-Distance Gunfight, Lou Chiodo
  • South Carolina Gun Law, Stephen Fulton Shaw
  • Concealed Carry: A Practical Guide, Bill Quinn
  • The Concealed Handgun Manual, Chris Bird
  • The Handgun in Personal Defense, R. K. Campbell
  • Real-World Survival, Walt Rauch
  • Armed and Female, Paxton Quigley
  • Principles of Personal Defense, Jeff Cooper
  • See Sally Kick Ass, A Woman’s guide to Personal Safety. Fred Vogt
  • A Girl’s Gotta Do What A Girl’s Gotta Do, Kathleen Baty
  • Fight Like A Girl… and Win: Defense Decisions for Women, Lori Hartman Gervasi
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